What is My Home Worth

For a homeowner considering selling their home, “What is my home worth?” is often the number one question on their mind. The tool on this page is intended to provide you with a free, instant, and no-obligation estimate of the value of your home. Although Marc primarily operates in San Diego, California, this home value estimator works for homes throughout the United States. For homes outside California, we are happy to connect you with an outstanding listing agent in your area upon request.

What is My Home Worth – Home Value Estimator

Please keep in mind any automated home valuation tool is intended to provide an estimate, and NOT a suggested list price. A suggested list price should be considered only after you have met with an experienced local agent who has also toured your property in person. No matter how ideal the data is, an instant home value estimate can only look at numbers and real estate market conditions, and it cannot take into account property condition, recent improvements, etc. If you are ready to get an immediate answer to “What is my home worth?”, simply enter your address into the field above.

Home Value Data Included

The following is a sample report of a home in San Diego (a prior listing). You will have the option to adjust the estimate if you find any of the property details need to be updated (eg. the bedroom count or year built is incorrect). The report will provide you with a number of very useful data points such as:

Predicted Market Value

The tool will advise on a level of confidence and its estimated range of market value.

Home Sizes, Home Prices, Price per Square Foot, Home Age

These stats will give you a sense of what is typical for homes in the immediate neighborhood. In this sample in Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, you can readily see how this home compares to other homes in the area.

Recent Sales

An interactive map will provide you with a more comprehensive look at recent sales in the area, not just comparable homes. This can be useful to gauge recent market activity and provides perspective on what homes in the area have recently been selling for.

What is My Home Worth – Sample Report

what is my home worth sample

Automated Valuation is No Match for An Experienced Agent

The most well-known home value estimator is the Zillow Zestimate. There is also the Redfin Estimate. Although the Zestimate and Redfin’s estimates can be accurate at times, they are sometimes wildly off the mark. Most real estate automated valuation tools, including the one utilized on this site, have inherent limitations. They are no match for an experienced agent, particularly one with detailed local knowledge of home values in a specific neighborhood.

Getting a Comparative Market Analysis

If you are based in San Diego and are considering selling your home, please reach out to Marc for a free, no-obligation consultation. We are happy to connect by phone call, text or email. If you plan to sell your home anywhere outside of San Diego, California, and you would like to be connected to an experienced listing agent in your area, we can assist you with a referral nation-wide or world-wide upon request. Sotheby’s International Realty is truly a global network, with over 1000 offices in over 80 countries. We hope the information provided by the What is My Home Worth Estimator is helpful to you in the meantime.