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Top 15 Biggest Houses in San Diego For Sale Now

The average home size in the United States hovers in the mid-2000s. For some home buyers, 2500 square feet can feel like a palace. For others, 2500 square feet is tight quarters. Typical home sizes in San Diego are consistent with national averages. In this post, I will be focusing well beyond what is typical or average. Instead, we’ll be looking at homes 5, 10, or 20+ times the average home size. Join me as we explore the top 15 biggest houses in San Diego. These magnificent homes are on the market and ready to purchase right now.

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Rancho Santa Fe California Real Estate Stats – Updated Daily

Rancho Sante Fe California real estate is some of the most prized real estate in the world. In the otherwise well-populated neighborhoods of San Diego, it is a sprawling blend of spacious natural beauty and world class luxury homes. Rancho Santa Fe is and has been home to countless celebrities, professional athletes, high-profile politicians and philanthropists. It’s a San Diego neighborhood that enjoys lots measured in acres rather than square feet. Despite the feeling of seclusion and privacy, most of Rancho Santa Fe is still a relatively short drive from San Diego’s beaches, shopping and work destinations. If you are considering buying or selling a home in Rancho Santa Fe, this article will detail the key metrics for clear insight into the very unique Rancho Santa Fe California real estate market conditions. All the statistics and graphs here are updated daily to deliver the most relevant and timely real estate market information to you.

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