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Why You Need a Home Inspection When Buying a Home

I rarely use the word “always” since there is an exception to every rule. However when it comes to home inspections, I believe they are essential for just about every buyer to have, even home-savvy and experienced buyers. Unless your day job is Home Inspector, it is vital you obtain a professional home inspection with a reputable inspector. I actually spoke with a home inspector that hired another home inspector on his own home purchase. He said the inspector he hired caught a few things he missed, and he was glad he hired him. Although there are many home buyers that would never buy a home without a professional home inspection, I have seen experienced home buyers willingly offer to proceed on a home purchase without a home inspection. Let’s talk about some of the risks involved in a home purchase and how a home inspection via a reputable professional home inspector can not only reduce your risk, but also potentially save you money in the transaction and avoid future homeowner headaches.

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