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5 Crucial Steps Before Buying a Home

A lot of buyers don’t realize they are buyers. All it takes to go from window-shopper to home buyer is wandering into the right open house. Or, swiping to the photo of your dream house for sale in your favorite real estate portal. Or, maybe you found a crazy property you can’t live without on … Read more

Preapproval for Mortgages and Why You Need One Before You Go Home Shopping

If you take a poll of 100 real estate agents and ask what the most important first step for buyers is, the vast majority of responses will be, “get a preapproval for a mortgage.” Cash buyers can bypass this step, but for any buyer planning on financing their home purchase, preapproval for mortgages is absolutely vital. I will share what a preapproval is (and is not), the differences in prequalification vs preapproval, how to get a preapproval for a mortgage, and why every financed buyer should have one before they even think about going home shopping.

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